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Ramona Swift-Thiessen

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I am a Fine Artist and Performance painter who is bursting with desire to paint colourful and meaningful paintings.


What steps did it take to get you to where you are now?

20 plus years of workshops and countless hours at the easel have sharpened my skills. But it took more than that. It took practicing bravery, and just getting out of my comfort zone, and doing what I thought was impossible. What used to scare me, was replaced by "okay, I am doing this pretty comfortably now", and then stepping out to another and then another level of expanding what I can do. I learned to say "yes" to opportunities first, and "how" afterwards. That still seems to be a good formula!


How do you stand out in your field?

A lot of artists are introverts, and I do love my time of creating and learning in solitude, but I also love going public and painting live on location. There is a feeling of great risk doing this, as I could totally blow it in a very public way. But the adrenaline and joy I get from doing a great job is worth it every single time.

Why do you do what you do? How does this help your ideal client?

I am privileged to make a living painting although I've had to figure out a variety of ways to create different streams of income, but if it involves being an artist, I'll do it! This has involved painting bedroom murals, commissioned paintings, booth shows, gallery representation, Performance Painting, and some teaching. I love to see a client seeing a painting I've done either by commission for them, or just that I have available, and watching their faces if it speaks to them. I do it to connect with people in a way that needs no language.


What type of collaborations are you looking for? Are collabs of interest to you?

I love to collaborate with clients for a special painting for their homes. Also with event planners of parties, banquets or anywhere that they want to add a fairly unique form of entertainment, where they watch a blank canvas go from nothing to something in a single session. Usually this is around 3 hours. This is also a unique way to add to a fundraisers income.

What is your numero uno way to get inspired?

Just walking into my studio gets me excited. I can get inspired by seeing a large blank canvas and start to imagine what I'm going to create. I get inspired easily! It can be a walk in my flower garden, or the woods, or being by water. it can be lyrics to a song that conjure up visual images in my mind. I actually have more trouble settling down and getting the housework done than I do getting inspired to paint!

What would you tell yourself at the start of your career to help ease your anxieties?

Stay in your lane and don't be afraid of public opinion. No artist of any genre has everyone as their fan. Just do your thing with heart and excellence, and you'll be just fine!

Do you have a personal vision or mission that propels you forward in life? Something you live by.

I feel like everyone has something they were born with in them that when they tap into it, they feel the most alive. Painting is that for me! I never stop dreaming and creating, and never plan to.

What needs revamping in your life or career right now?

I love to garden, read, as well as cook and do domestic-type things, which can totally steal my time, or else get sorely neglected. I have a hard time doing both well simultaneously, so ... Art wins out most of the time!

Who inspires you, or mentors you?

I have a lot of artist friends I've met from shows or workshops, and one in particular that I've been bi-monthly accountability partners with for awhile now. We sort of mentor each other, inspire and take a trip a year that is art related. I feel God gives me great inspiration and ideas, especially in the morning when I am journalling and sketch out little pen drawings that very often later become big and bold paintings in full colour!

what’s your favourite project you’re working on at this time?

I'm currently working on a large painting of a flax field and Prairie sky. It's my new favourite.