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Dwell in possibilities and realize your potential.


What steps did it take to get you to where you are now?

I am a single Mother to a now 20 year old so my path has not been direct. My passion to help others has led me to work with a caring company who allows me to volunteer and be involved in helping others as well as putting family first. I have taken numerous courses and continue to do so in order to be qualified in the area of investments, insurance, wealth planning, tax planning, estate planning.

Why do you do what you do? How does this help your ideal client?

I pride myself in my empathetic nature and care for others. I guide people through the emotions of financial matters and make everything easy to understand.

What type of collaborations are you looking for? Are collabs of interest to you?

I love relationships, any and all relationships. I love learning about people and their families, their lives and what interests them. I wish to work with people who are engaged and genuinely interested in getting guidance in financial planning while having a great relationship with their financial planner.

What is your numero uno way to get inspired?

I get inspired by people helping each other not for recognition but for making their own heart happy.

What would you tell yourself at the start of your career to help ease your anxieties?

You can do this… you have what it takes, you are inspiring for who you are and what you've been through.

Do you have a personal vision or mission that propels you forward in life? Something you live by.

Do onto others as you would have done onto you.

What needs revamping in your life or career right now?

Balance. As a woman in particular I feel that life can be a balancing act and in wanting to help so many others I often deny myself.

Who inspires you, or mentors you?

Jesus. I have strong faith and have navigated through some heavy waters and I know I have not done it alone.

What’s your favourite project you’re working on at this time?

I am focusing my efforts on people who need to understand how to better themselves without feeling embarrassed to share their story. We all have a story.