Leane Durand




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Professionally, I began as an Educator, obtaining my Bachelor of Education from the U of S, finding joy in working with young adults and sharing knowledge. My next career moved me in a completely unique direction as an Entrepreneur. I had the privelege to bring to life durand's footwear. I gave so much of me to this beautiful business for 14 years. The success of my business has translated into a deep, desire to share this knowledge with others in business. It is innate in me to want to encourage others in the pursuit of their professional dream.

Over the last couple of years, I have had to unwind myself and return to a simple version of myself. I thrive on depth, authenticity, supporting and searching. I do not shy away from discovery and welcome each day with gratitude. I am confident in my gifts and relish the opportunity to share them with you.

Personally, I am an advocate for mental wellness. Numerous family members and I enjoy full, productive lives while experiencing a mental health illness.  I believe educating, speaking and writing creates awareness and shifts attitudes.  My family has also been affected by the disease of addiction. I am open and unwavering in my belief that change will occur with dialogue. Supporting families of those who suffer from this disease is instrumental as they are suffering deeply.  Chronic illness is another area I have also personally experienced. Empathy and support can ease pain on all levels.

Spiritually, I am a God girl. My faith is my center and has sustained me. I am open and curious about what others experiences. Music, podcasts, prayer, worship, retreats and connections feed my soul.


Books, books and more books! I love to read. Eclectic to say the least. I devour non-fiction, teen lit, self-help (so many),classics, fiction(thousands), historical fiction, christian, probably the only genre I'm not into is sports but I'm sure I've read one here or there. I'm the type of gal who'll read the back of prescription bottles just so I have something to read.

So it's not a shock that writing follows my reading obsession. I have recently started to share my writing publicly which has been part of my return to my roots. Poetry is my preferred form of self-expression. I just enjoy words and the manipulation of them.

I am, like many of you, deeply devoted to my family. I adore my children. I've learnt so much from them. My life has been a long, release of the tethers I had attached to them. There is so much wisdom in reflection and I love to engage with other parents sharing and receiving inspiration.


The Well gives me a physical space to meet women. Women who are creative, vulnerable, receptive, strong and unafraid. This has been awe inspiring. A new mindset of community instead of competition is removing the feeling of isolation and scarcity I often felt as a business owner. Instead, the Well women are creating a warm, welcoming place to voice fears, dreams, problems and solutions. It allows me to provide mentorship to those who would benefit from my plethora of experience, personally and professionally. This is where I stretch myself.