Angelica Fehr



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Give good gifts.

Life is too important to be taken seriously.

Feel the fear, do the thing.


What steps did it take to get you to where you are now?

Luck, Faith, Guts, Perseverance, OTHER PEOPLE

How do you stand out in your field?

I prioritize job creation- specifically meaningful employment for other women.

Why do you do what you do? How does this help your ideal client?

We help people give good gifts! Products that are fun, beautiful, charitable, & local. We all need to treat ourselves or those important to us to that perfect something that says- "I love you!" "I'm thankful for you!" "I'm proud of you!" We try to embody our "give good" philosophy in every area of our company.

What type of collaborations are you looking for? Are collabs of interest to you?

Always looking for great conversation, connection & the sharing of ideas.

What is your numero uno way to get inspired?

Learning learning learning

What would you tell yourself at the start of your career to help ease your anxieties?

You're definitely going to get knocked down, but you'll get up every time.

What needs revamping in your life or career right now?

Rhythms of rest & health.

Who inspires you, or mentors you?

My family, my team, my church, my business partner.

what’s your favourite project you’re working on at this time?

Ask me when you see me. ;)

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