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Shattering The Darkness, Weekend Retreat


Join us for a weekend retreat focusing on your Mental Health Wellness. An intimate healing opportunity for connection and education for women in all seasons of their lives.

The weekend is focused on shedding light on the dark subject of Mental Illness.

This weekend came from their shared desire to shine light on a dark subject. Both Tammy and Leane have a history of (and current struggles with) mental illness, and want to use their platforms and years as entrepreneurs to dispel myths, shame, and preconceptions that others may hold.

This weekend is for you if:

-You desire to have authentic conversations surrounding Mental Health

-You would like to receive education surrounding mental health and brain illness

-You can contribute to creating a safe environment for conversation

This weekend is not for you if:

-You hope to have counselling during the retreat to improve your current mental health struggles.

Our intimate (under 20 attendees) weekend will include small group conversation and powerful education.

What can you expect?

-Connection and Gathering Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

-Guest Speakers sharing their personal stories of Mental Health Wellness

-Education provided by Dr Alana Holt

-Reflection and Consideration

-Small group sharing of your personal Mental Wellness journey or your journey of supporting others

-Lunch is included in ticket price, as well as a light breakfast and coffee

-Keynote Speaker Dr. Alana Holt | Guest Speaker Callie Dawn Kennedy of Life is Worth Living

-Self Care Offerings provided by Well Women Members (Jana Danielson of LeadBrooke Ashli Bulloch of Food to Fit Nutrition Inc.Leeanne OmitSonal KaviaAmy McLeod of Rise With Amy, and more)

Tickets $250 for full weekend.

There is also an option to purchase a portion of the weekend:

$100 Friday 6-9 and Saturday 8:30-11:30 am


$125 Saturday 1-5


$100 Sunday 8:30 am - 12 noon

Limited spots available 

Friday evening 6:30pm

Connection and Gathering

Guest Speaker sharing her personal story of Mental Health Wellness

Reflection and Consideration

Saturday 8:30 am

Connection and Gathering


Small group sharing of your personal Mental Wellness journey

11:30 am Lunch (included in ticket price)

1 pm Keynote Speaker Dr. Alana Holt

Guest Speaker Callie Kennedy, Life is Worth Living

5 pm Close

Sunday 8:30 am

Gathering and Connection

Self Care Offerings* provided by Well Women Members

*Self Care Offerings are half hour presentations that include tools and knowledge to can help alleviate stress, ground ourselves, deal with past trauma, etc.

Noon Close

Tickets $250 for weekend. Partial Tickets available starting at $100

We have 10 youth tickets available for Saturday’s Keynote speaker and Guest speaker Life is Worth Living). These are for YOUTH/YOUNG ADULT under 25 years old. They give access for Saturday’s events between 1 pm and 5 pm.

“We believe fear is a huge stumbling block for those suffering and their families, maybe if we could find a healthy way to talk about it, we could replace fear with hope and possibly find a way to start healing.” - Tammy