Mentorship FAQ

Is this mentorship for me?

We meet you wherever you are in your life. You may be at a crisis point in your career or personal life, searching for clarity. Are you craving something new? There may be a void, unrest, instability and you’re unsure as to why. Maybe you have a goal you want to achieve, or you may be unsure of your direction. Whether you are 16 or 60, the Well mentorship program is for any woman regardless of your place in life’s unpredictable journey.

Why is the Well Mentorship Program different from all the other programs out there?

The Well Program is custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Most programs have one mentor with a number of clients, we use a one on one approach. Your needs are our top priority. Also, most programs have a mentor with a specific skill set. At The Well, you have access to a number of mentors, each with a wide range of experiences and expertise.

Do I have to meet with the same mentor at each session?

Good question! Your first session is a meeting with the Founder of The Well, Tammy, to design the framework for your custom program. Subsequent sessions you have access to our range of mentors, based on your prescribed plan which you will design in collaboration with Tammy. All mentors have access to each other, should a need arise. Mentors as well have access to each other’s resources.

What types of businesses benefit from your program?

Whether you are a sole proprietor, founder of a company, a creative entrepreneur, or have a big idea that hasn’t left the ground, we are here to support you as you grow.

Internal culture is a trending topic right now, what is it and how do you actually change it?

Your internal culture consists of daily interactions between employees, clients, your children, friends, management, any human connection point. How these interactions make people feel, and then react, is your internal culture. As a woman in business or at home, each & every connection point made is a reflection of you. We know that the number one contributor to a successful relationships (at work or at home) is your internal culture, but how do you change it? We are here to answer this and provide tools and steps to effect lasting change. 

You talk a lot about the “whole woman” approach in your mentorship program what does that mean?

Women should not have to compartmentalize. We should be able to integrate all of our unique gifts in our daily lives. We also have challenges. Each of us is profoundly affected by our work culture, our personal relationships, our fears, our families, our dreams, our disappointments, our health, and so much more. Everyday, we carry this like a backpack weighing us down. Our goal, at the Well, is to facilitate the process by collaborating with you to ascertain what actionable, sustainable tools will get you there. You will do the hard work. We will be your partner in digging deep, pausing in the pain and figuring out the mess.

Still have questions?