Slowing down


Just the other day I wrote an Instagram post about being in a hurry. I was born in a hurry, I showed up two weeks early wanting out of my mama. I was just so darn excited about life and couldn’t wait to see what was next. I’ve happily lived in a heightened adrenal state for many years. I’m a little scared to see how it effects my health as I get older. This is why I am persistent about injecting slowness into my daily life. It feels like it’s being injected with a needle, a little bit in the morning, a little bit in the afternoon, some in the evening, little by little until it balloons and pushes out the unnecessary.

Yes, you can believe this has been a very hard lesson for me. It’s been a bit forced, knowing there would be rewards.

When I am talking about slowing down, I’m not talking about quitting. Some people get to a point where it feels like too much and just walk away. There are days when this certainly feels like the best option. However, the slowing down I am talking about is more of a ‘carving out of time’. Creating time for the good stuff. You know, stuff like naps and inspiration.


This has allowed me more efficiency, structure, and clarity. These are often terms referred to when speeding up, but I have found that creating boundaries & a stricter schedule has allowed for much more stillness. So while I may not be as available for spontaneous activities, I am now available for myself.

I now get up bright & early every morning, my husband takes the kids to school, he now works one hour later in the day, and I am parking further away from my building for a walk outside. These are choices I have made, that we have made as a family.

It feels contradictory because I am actually adding things to my day. I remember reading this book about a man who got up early to read his bible for two hours each morning. He said it actually bought him time, it was so beneficial. Those words have stuck in my head and I think I’m actually starting to believe them.

I can attend to my family, my business, myself, and not feel anxious and overwhelmed all the time. I am ‘building my house’ in a way that is sustainable.

How are you building your house?

Tammy Zdunich