WellFed X City Girl Flower Farm


Why WellFed?

To nourish our bodies and minds in all ways.

We’re taking a new approach to September’s WellFed. We are creating a distraction free environment, focused instead on connecting to ourselves, our bodies, and each other.

We invite you to our Harvest WellFed dinner at City Girl Flower Farm. Food will be locally sourced with as much as possible coming right from Chantelle’s garden.

Prepare to be cared for with a focus on your inner wellbeing. Life is far from perfect, we our all going through a lot. I need a night off. I need a night to indulge my senses, to renew my spirit, to do self care. This is what WellFed is all about, and maybe we haven’t been completely clear about that.

Maybe we’ve made it look like a light hearted fun night, which is also a great way to spend time! But with ALL the options out there, I know have any extra time to spare. I must choose carefully what I give my most precious resource to. Where will I spend my time, and who with?


Our hearts are fully committed to making this evening worth both your time and money. Kimberly of Celebrating Simple Life, Courtney of Ellamental Mama, and Tammy of The Well want to give you a night to remember because of how you felt & the little moments of peace you experienced that night. We want you to talk about this event for years to come, and look forward to doing it again and again.


Our promise to you is a night free of worry, we’ve done all the planning and preparing. You simply can come and receive. There is a seat at our table for you. Stay tuned for ticket sales, want to hear first? Simply subscribe to our mailing list!

Tammy Zdunich