Well Supported


Well Supported, a Well program for women to uncover their full potential.

Mentorship | Coaching | Consulting | Mastermind

None of the words seemed to be a perfect fit, but they are all encased in what we’re doing at The Well. Rather than choosing one to label ourselves with, we are choosing them all, the same WHOLE approach we use to understand each and every woman.

Complex, Whole, Beautiful in Her Design.

Our carefully designed program, Well Supported, fosters conversation and cultivates connections between you and a range of mentors. Each mentor, specialized in her field, comes jam-packed with years of hard earned experience. They will challenge you, provide feedback, and equip you with the skills to create lasting change.

This program is for women seeking to go deeper into themselves, increase self awareness, rise on the shoulders of others, and realize their wholeness.

It is a program for women as leaders, because all women are born to lead. Be it with their children, their friends, their employees, their boss, we are all called to lead others to their best by doing our best. We are called to lead with our purpose and passion and in doing so change lives.


  • Do you ever feel like there is so much within you that is untapped?

  • Do you know that you have so much to give the world, or your family, your spouse, your job, yet you feel caught in insecurity and low self worth?

  • Are you looking for deeper relationships & positive culture but don’t know how to get there?

This is the program we have created.
It is a one on one deep dive into your self.
Safely led by women who have gone before you. With gentle words and honest feedback, we will help you get there.


Visit our website for more information about Well Supported, our program for women to RISE.

Our programs run over six months, you can choose between 4 | 8 | 12 sessions in that time, and receive ALL ACCESS membership to The Well.

Tammy Zdunich