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Creating Conscious Spaces


Have you wondered why your relationships aren’t easy or haven’t yet transpired as you always imagined?

Did you believe that by now things would be easy, fun, playful and nurturing?

Would you like to learn some simple techniques to unravel all those blockages around how relationships haven’t yet occurred, or are sticky and challenging?

If you have lost the sparkle, lost your way with negotiating with all your relationships and aren’t aware of how to invite all those energies of everything you had always envisioned….

Not only are we going to shift your way to be in an intimate relationship, we are also going to show you ways to expand your business with your staff and client relationships. Does bringing in more money, clients, business and a fabulous relationship into your life have you jumping at this event?

This evening taster of Creating Conscious Spaces™ will give you some wonderful new ways of how just by shifting the energy within your spaces things might just open up to some magical new possibilities.

Join us for this interactive fun, playful way to bring some sizzle into your relationships!

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Looking forward to seeing you soon!